Hunting Vacations in Alabama

The rundown on hunting vacations in Alabama

Hunting in the South you can be sure of several things. You are going to find wildlife game of all types and plenty of forest-like areas to hunt. Alabama is rich and full of wildlife and hunting. Some of the most popular types of hunting in Alabama are of course, whitetail deer hunting, as well as duck hunting. For the true hunting man or even woman, this area contains some great hunting that will leave you with some trophies. There is hunting done for whitetail deer and this can be done by varying seasons such as shot gun, gun powder, and archery deer hunting. Also there is hunting for gobblers or turkeys for those who want to hunt for big bird game. Another type of hunting is quail hunting and this is very popular in Southern Alabama.

A great hunting vacation in Alabama is a place called Alabama Blackbelt Hunting Lodge in Sweetwater, Alabama. This is located in the Blackbelt region of Alabama and the whitetail deer have grown to trophy size. Thanks their efforts as well as the state, some lucky hunters can get a great chance of hunting a trophy sized white tail deer. There are about six hunters per trip and they offer camping style food and lodging. This is a great destination for hunters who want to hunt for whitetail deer.

Another of Alabama’s best hunting spots are hunting at the Hawkings Ridge Lodge in Eufaula, Alabama. This hunting lodge caters to hunting all year around depending on what season it is. They offer lodging and meals as well and guided hunts. The hunting seasons vary or any avid hunter of any type of game. They hunt quail, deer, gobblers and they go out when there is deer hunting by gun and deer hunting by archery. It truly is a full hunting experience at Hawkins Ridge Lodge and you will truly enjoy all Alabama hunting has to offer at Hawkins Ridge Lodge in Eufaula, Alabama.

To hunt for duck, you don’t necessarily need a guided tour although there are many knowledgeable guides that can help you in your duck hunting venture. A great place to go duck hunting is Neely Henry lake and head to the mouth of the lake. Mallards love to land in this area. The best way to get there is in a canoe so as to be quiet when approaching and not scare the mallards. This is a great way to acquire your target and get your ultimate goal accomplished, and that is definitely shooting a mallard.

So whether you want to come to Alabama to hunt for deer or quail or gobblers or any number of creepies and crawlies, there is plenty of wonderful forest life and lakes that are surrounded by the animals you are craving to hunt. Your Alabama hunting adventure is an open book for you to write by visiting any number of hunting places. You can bring back a prize 10 point buck, or several mallard ducks, or even a big turkey for turkey dinner! Alabama is one of the best places in the South to visit for your hunting pleasure.