Green Environment

The most burning question in the minds of people is that how to conserve environment with the available tools in most organized way. So it is the duty of people to take necessary actions towards creating better ambient condition to live. It is the responsibility of the environmentalists present all over the world to generate necessary awareness among the people to bring up green environment. Some environmentalists such as Green Peace Activists have taken suitable initiatives to safeguard the greenery in and around mega cities. People also have joined hands with them to help out in this issue. People in the urban areas are reluctant to use public transport to commute from one place to another. So it is these activists who have encouraged common public to use transport at cheap cost.

Major problems associated with private transport

Public transport has gathered severe reluctance in the minds of the people. This has also been reflected as usage of fossil fuels. The use of fossil fuels in terms of commuting through private transport such as cars have increased progressively reaching the level that is literally unimaginable. The cars used by the people consume lot of fossil fuels and give out large amount of exhaust which harm the climatic cycle of the earth. This has hurried the ozone layer depletion to a greater extent. Also this has resulted in severe and catastrophic storms in both Pacific and Indian Ocean. These have brought about severe change in climatic conditions. So the most affordable way of conserving our environment that can be implemented by the urban people is to shift from private transport to public transport.

Creating green environment by adopting cheap travel

Public transport is one of the cheap travels adopted by modern day commuters present all over the world. There is several other cheap travel modes that can also be considered namely use of cycles. Cycles can extract all the saturated energy present as fat and also reduces the use of fossil fuels in large way. The dependence of fossil fuels can be reduced by large extent adopting public transport. Usefulness of the public transport can be witnessed only if people do change their mindset towards it. Public transport such as buses, trains could largely reduce the intake of fossil fuels thereby creating green environment with lesser effluents being released into the environment. Also one can clear away the traffic jams that are bound to occur in normal urban life. Also the travel expense of each and every commuter gets reduced appreciably. This in broader sense has double advantage of creating green environment and also enjoying cheap travel. One can also reduce the burden of driving through the hectic traffic spending lots of energy throughout their day. Also one can help the environmentalists in great way by establishing sound statement before them. One can also feel proud about saving our one and only planet and also about the miniature carbon footprint. Green environment could also benefit the upcoming generations making their life clean and cherishable.