Dauphin Island Travel, Alabama

The rundown on Dauphin Island Travel, Alabama

Dauphin Island is tucked in the Mobile bay in beautiful Alabama. It’s one of the most popular destinations in Alabama for beach lovers and the views there are spectacular. If you like to boat, fish, water ski, or just fish this is the prime spot. There are hotel rooms literally just feet from the beach where you can stand on the balcony and see the gorgeous moon over the view of the sparkling water. It is truly breathtaking and certainly somewhere you’d want to be.

There are a lot of places to visit while you are in the Dauphin Island area and not just the beach, although it will probably be difficult to get away from there. Fort Gaines is one of the most popular and historical places to visit in Dauphin Island. Fort Gaines is a fort from the 1800’s and you can take a self guided tour and there are many interesting artifacts from that era to view and you can also visit real barracks where soldiers ate and slept all those years ago. It’s a very fun and interesting place to visit, even for children.

The next great place to visit in Dauphin Island, AL is the estuarium. It is across the street from the fort and it is great for children and adults alike to get up close and person with sea creatures that we all marvel about but seldom get near. There is a very cool horseshoe crab exhibit that kids seem to really enjoy. There is also a unique aspect to Dauphin Island that is explained, and that is an estuary. They explain many aspects of an area that contains both freshwater and saltwater which is by definition an estuary. They have an area that shows fresh water later from the local rivers, creatures from the estuary, and the sea animals from the Gulf or salt water ocean. There are many easy to read explanation for the animals as well as guides.

There is also a very nice golf club called the Isle Dauphine Golf Club. It is really a nice course and it’s got a nice view of the Gulf while you golf. You don’t get the chance to golf on well landscaped golf greens while enjoying the sun gleaming off of the ocean. It is isn’t very expensive and it is well priced and the golf course contains a regulation 18 hole golf course.

These three spots are a must see when visiting Dauphin Island, Alabama and you will just have a blast. From the historic and interesting fort with tons of artifacts and showing the life of an 1800’s soldier, to the estuarium where you can find out about and see some very interesting sea and freshwater animals, to the amazing golf course with the view to die for, you will be happy you visited Dauphin Island and drive away with some lovely memories to take home with you and remember forever.