Backgammon Online Tables

As it was said above, there is lots of backgammon sites registered nowadays. Unlike casino games, these sites are usually created by backgammon players and lovers of the game. However, as the business progresses, more and more sites’ owners use advertising for financing themselves or earn a living. When looking for a site to play poker, for example, you come across one thousand casinos that do not explain what the game is about. They all take for granted everyone knows how to play. On the contrary, backgammon sites always include good explanations of the game, its rules, strategies, as well as fantastic glossaries and related articles. Enter any backgammon site and even the most commercial one will offer a brief and concise explanation of the game. Why this happens with backgammon and it does not with poker? You might wonder. Well, I would say that we backgammon players love the game rather than the money won at the end of a match, which does not happen with other games. Do you think that a roulette player loves the roulette itself or owns one in his home? Do you think that a slots player loves the slot machine? My answer to all these questions would be negative. A roulette or a slot player play compulsively in order to obtain money. They do not enjoy the game but rather get nervous and artificially excited, usually under the effects of alcohol and other drugs. Backgammon players, on the contrary, like chess players, use their brain when they are playing, they enjoy each move, they have a strategy, they study their opponent’s mind and observe their moves carefully. The aim of the game is not to make money but to beat the opponent honestly and have fun together. Actually, the rules of backgammon are very clear about making illegal moves or taking advantage of the opponent.

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